is life worth living cont.

Dear Society,

According to Psychology Today Here are some possible answers to the question of what makes life worth living: (1) nothing; (2) religion; (3) happiness; (4) love, work, and play. Evidence from psychology and neuroscience supports the fourth answer.

The first answer is always the one that sticks out in my head as i have a hard time finding a reason to live.  It seems  that no matter what I do I can never do it right or it is never good enough.    Since I was a kid I was always told what to do and how to do things.  I am a natural rebel and i tend to question everything.  I see it as being curious but others see it as being a rebel and going against the society norm.  But who decides this norm and why do we have to follow it?  Here is a perfect example from this morning at work:  I walked into the meeting and the first thing was said to me was that oh the color is almost out of your hair.  No good morning, no hi how are you it was all about my hair.  I had my hair dyed bright pink at the end of the summer because I work with children and they love to see this stuff.  I did it for not other reason than for fun.  This shows you and tells me how shallow people really are.  They only care about themselves and they laughed at my hair.  What is wrong with pink?  What if I had natural strawberry blonde hair, would that be laughed at too?  I guess I like to do things my way as a lot of the society norms make no sense to me.  Being in the kind of mood I am in today I talked to someone made an excuse and left the meeting.  I did not care to sit there for at least an hour to be stared at because they did not approve of my hair color.  It is things like this that make me want to end my life.  Am I only here for their enjoyment or am I here to do my job?  A few despondent philosophers such as Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, and David Benatar have cast doubts on whether life has any intrinsic meaning, and some people are driven to suicide by depression and negative events in their lives. But most people, fortunately, are able to find lots of reason to value their lives, and in surveys most people report themselves as pretty happy. I am still in the long process of figuring out what makes me happy.  The number two is that of religion.  Surveys also indicate that many people report that religion and spirituality are major sources of meaning in their lives.  To me religion does not have to mean going to a formal place of prayer.  Spiritual and beliefs are just as important as going into a building to pray.  The third one is that of happiness which is the hardest for me to find.  Psychological research has identified many ways in which people can increase the happiness in their lives,  You can have happiness without much meaning, and meaning without much happiness; so happiness is not the meaning of life.    Last but not least they have looked at Love, work, and play.  These are all great factors if i can get them to work for me.  Right now if i could love, work and play, then I never would have looked at suicide.  To me life has to have meaning and value.  I want to do something of value and be looked upon as someone who did something positive and not as someone who has material things or skills that are borrowed or used by others.  I am off now to contemplate why I should be here and to try and see the good things in life and in our society as a whole.

Sincerely yours,

Hopeful at life with society norms


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