Life – is it worth living?

I know this may sound bad and that I’m looking for attention but that is so far from the truth.   The main reason I contemplate suicide is so that people do not have to deal with me anymore and I do not bother them.  I always feel like I’m bothering someone when I talk to them.  I like to be behind the scenes in everything I do as I get embarrassed when I’m honored for anything.  I know it’s a compliment but I’d rather honor someone else.  Have you ever tried really talking to someone and theyconstantly change the subject?  That is how I feel when I talk to most people.  I feel as if they are doing me a favor by talking to me.  I’m sick and tired of fake people or people who only want to friend you in case you can do something for them.  I’m a person too, so why do you take advantage of me?  If you cut me I bleed just like you.  If you hurt me I’ll cry but I’ll probably ever ever let you know that you made me cry.  I still think people are out there to hurt others to make themselves feel better.  


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