Thank you

 Dear world,

Thank you for a good day.  I started the day off studying for a certification class I’m taking in October.  By break was spent baking banana bread.  From there I went back to the books to make sure I have all the correct information.  The exam, certification course is usually mostly males so I want to make sure I do well.  After the banana breads were done I met some friends at a kids game facility to have fun.  Not only was it well needed bur well deserved.  We spent a couple of hours playing and I was in heaven as I got to play pinball.  I’m not the best pinball player but I do love my pinball.  I’m thinking of buying another pinball machine as I sold mine years ago.  Now I’ve only got the full size dart board.  It’s a lot of fun too, but it’s more fun with another starting to figure out how to stay alive.  I’m far from cured as I’m still very depressed but I’m taking it one step at a time.  I love the support here and it makes me realize I’m not alone.  I’m going to find things to study, things to write and anything else I can do to stay busy.  I am starting to see hope.  Now time for me to stop thinking and time to play.  Hope your day was as good as mine.





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