Bad luck,

Dear luck master,

I guess what they say is true, without bad luck I’ve have no luck at all.  Seeing that I had the day off I thought I’d clean my house, do laundry and run errands.  Not being home a lot leaves a lot of spider webs in the house.  While doing laundry I saw too much filth so I took out the duster and vacuum.  The vacuum worked for two minutes then died.  As I was opening the basement blinds I noticed something weird, it turned out to be a dead frog.  Seemed very odd but it is me so I cleaned it up and went outside to start my ATV.  It turned on and it was running so I went and put it in storage.  Bad luck is not being able to keep fish alive. back into the basement to continue cleaning and dusting.  Two minutes later (a popular number for the day) the ATV stopped running.  So I go back outside to see what’s going on.  I tried everything I could but no luck it’s dead and needs to go in for service. I finished the basement andtook the laundry upstairs in hopes to clean the main level.  The morning started by cleaning out my 10 gallon fish tank and putting it away in the basement as I can’t seem to keep fish alive in that tank.  Cleaned the tank and hoped for the best.  Time to clean my room and bathroom.  My main level vacuum stopped for a few minutes, blew some black smoke so I shut it off.  The vacuum is eating its own cord.  Time to take out the electrical tape to repair the cord and hope for the best.  Finished tapingknow time to see if it worked. It did turn on with no smoke so that’s agoos sign.  I left the badluck alone and put that vacuum away.  Pulling out my upstairs vacuum from my bedroom closet I’m hoping for the best.  I plug it in and start to vacuum, or at least u thought I did.  It was not picking up a thing but it was running.  I emptied it before I started it so I know it’s clean.  Not knowing what else to do I took out the wand to see if that would work.  Yes, it worked.  It was not an ideal situation but I needed toclean.  It’s days and things like this that make me wonder,who is enjoying this?  Is thiswhy I’m still alive, to give others someone to laugh at?  If so that’s gives me a purpose,not a good one but it is a reason. Beingthat it’s only Monday I’m afraid to see the rest of the week.  I received a text from my boss in regards to a meeting for tomorrow that I forgot about that I was supposed to run. Once again I screwed up. What am I really doing here? It’s getting harder and harder to find a reason to stay alive.
Sincerely yours
The bad luck queen 


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