Trying to stay positive

Dear bloggers,

Its getting harder and harder to stay positive, especially at work.  My personal life is non existant.  No matter what I do I end up doing alone.  Work has been so bad lately as I know I’m not wanted there by the big boss. I just talked to a friend of mine who the big   I’m constantly told  likes and she told me she just quit.  I was surprised but after talking to her it makes total sense.  Seeing she was liked makes me wonder how much longer I have.  I was out of the building yesterday and today for a certification workshop so I’m just now hearing things.    I’m still trying to find my value and wonder I’m still alive.  I’m really not sure if I want to be here.  Having nothing going for me and knowing work is difficult I’m wondering what to do. Why am I here?  What is my purpose in life?  What do I do to find out what I’m supposed to do?   I feel like I’m useless and here for others entertainment.  I need to figure out my purpose for being here and then I need to plot my goals.

sincerely yours,

Positively useless


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