Sweetest day holiday

Dear holiday people,

Im not sure if this is a hallmark or a Michigan holiday.  Really, why must you always make us single people feel even more like losers?  As if we don’t see or hear it enough now you make it a holiday. I see all these happy people and it really makes me wonder why I’m here on Earth.  I really believe I’ve got a good heart but I’m not skinny so I can’t get anyone to talk to me, let alone look at me. Why am I here? Why do I always feel as if I can do no right?days like today really have me down and depressed. I’m starting to believe that is my life destination, to leave this Earth so everyone else will be happy. It’s so depressing feeling this way too often. I’ve been told to seek professional help but I’m afraid to do that. I’m not a good one for talking about feelings or emotions. Putting things in this blog is so much easier. I really need to figure this out and I don’t like feeling alone and depressed anymore. It’s time to find some value and worth in my life. If only I could find a real teaching job, I’d be good as I could spend my days in a classroom hoping to help the next generation succeed. In the past when I did teach I was always happy. It’s no fun constantly feeling alone, lonely and depressed. If you have any good thoughts for me I’d to hear them. Thank you.
Sincerely yours,
Holiday hater


2 thoughts on “Sweetest day holiday

  1. feel better! so what if you’re not skinny? whoever loves you should love you for your soul. i used to be morbidly obese..it was one of the hardest things to lose weight, especially suffering from mental illness, working out even simple walking might make you feel better though! it did for me. you were given this life because YOU ARE strong enough to live it! so stay with us and keep posting and fighting!

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