Thoughts on life

Dear world,

Please help me understand my life and what I should be doing. I’m so confused and cannot seem to do anything right.  I’m constantly wrong at and for whatever I do and I cannot seem to catch a break.  I’m very stressed out about everything around me and I’m constantly thinking I have no value or purpose other than to be here to serve as a punching bag.  I know my pain levels aren’t helping but it’s so hard living my life the way it is now.  I try to think positive and good thoughts but then the negativity hits.  I’m just at a loss as what to do.  I’ve lost most of my friends as they are fake and I need genuine people in my life.  Right now I’m so bad I feel like just sleeping and not waking up, that way my mind will be clear.  Thank you to those who have sent comments as you are helping me see good things.

Sincerely yours,



One thought on “Thoughts on life

  1. dear one, perhaps after practicing mindful breathing, hand on your belly, noticing it rise and fall with each breath, following the full length of each in and out breath, for some time you will notice yourself feeling calm in your body and mind.

    as a descendant of all your ancestors, you are worth the effort. befriend your own heart’s compassion, breathe with a smile.

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