Dear world,

why is life so confusing?  I’m supposed to have some time off in December but I was told by my boss last night that I could not have most of my vacation time.  One day I’m told I’m no good and don’t know how to do my job and now I’m told they are worried if I take off too many days in a row.  If the latter is true then why do I continually get treated badly, taken advantage of and don’t get paid nearly what I’m worty?  I really feel as I’m there to do what they want.  Can I ever catch a break?  I’m so tired it’s harder and harder to find the good in anything. It would be so nice to get some rest and feel valued.  I don’t want to live my life the way it is and I can’t seem to do anything right.  Yes the holidays are close and I’m very down and depressed this time of year.  So confused and lonely I’ve got no reason to be here on earth.  This is so hard trying to go on.  I’m so wishing for a life but can’t seem to find one.  I don’t have a lot of people I can really talk to as most people do not really listen.  I’m so fried I don’t know what to do anymore.

Sincerely yours,

Lost and more confused


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