Take a number

Dear world!

 still wondering what I did wrong in life to be this miserable and lonely.  There is no pleasing everyone but I’d settle to please anyone.  Holidays are not good as people want me there mainly to laugh at or to watch the kids.    I stayed home knowing I really wouldn’t be missed.  As expected this was true and they want me to do what they want.  I’m never asked what I want only what they want.  I’m a grown adult and I should be treated in such a way.  Just because I’m alone doesn’t mean I’m at your beckon call.  My response now is take a number.  I am miserable and cannot see a reason to stay here on earth.   Most people I know are fake or only want something from you.  I’ve got no real purpose to be here.  It’s not fair that I should deal or tolerate this behavior.  I’m so tired of telling me I’ve got the time as I don’t have kids at home.  I’m sorry I’m not perfect and I’ve made many mistakes so this is seeb as being useless and of no value.  I hate holidays, I hate my lifeand I’m not sure what to do anymore.  

Sincerely yours,



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