Happy holidays

Dear world,

As most people this time of year they are getting ready for the holidays with family and friends.  Beingalone any time of year is no fun but it’s so much worse nowadays.  As I’m constantly told I’m of no value and have no life because I’m single, not married and have no kids.  No matter how hard I try my thoughts continually go back to suicide as its the easy way out.  I’m thinking I need to straighten my house and things as nothing seems to matter to me anymore.  I’ve read numerous books and nothing is helping.  My friends ignore me or blow me off so that just makes me feel more useless.  I feel my family only cares when they need something.  I’m just so fed up and at wits end I’m at a loss.  My mind goes in circles and I cannot seem to get any sleep.  Trying to figure out why I’m here as I don’t see my value or worth here in this world.  Happy holidays.

Sincerely yours,